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High Resolution Large Character Carton Coder


1 to 8 lines of print, maximum 18mm print height.

PC Connectivity

Via USB cable or Ethernet for direct message creation or factory network system.

Graphics, Logos & Barcodes

Easily import JPEG & BMP graphics using Sauven Pro software.

Simple Screen & Keyboard

For local control of printer width, direction and message delay.

Out of the Box Installation

With minimal components for maximum reliability.

Stand Alone Printer

Use a USB stick to transfer print messages from Sauven Pro software.

True Type Fonts & Unicode

Enables message creation in any font and in any language.

Large Oil Based Ink Cartridge

Low cost coding and clean inking system, ideal for printing onto porous surfaces.

Multi Port Connection

For encoders, external alarms and alternative product detection devices.

Ink Saver Mode

Reduce ink consumption by up to 50%.